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You can request or download the C&O Nursery catalog using the two methods below.

Request Mail Form

Visitors with dial-ups are encouraged to use the mail form to have a catalog sent to you. If you choose to download a catalog, they average 5MB in size and may take a while to download. The catalogs, for each year, are broken down into sections.

Please supply us with a mailing address by which to send you the C&O Nursery Catalog:

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Catalog Download

Right-click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the PDF file to disk. Clicking on the link directly is an optional method and will usually cause Acrobat Reader to load the file directly in your browser window.

Our catalog Includes varieties of apple, cherry, pear, maturity chart, rootstock info, planting help, ripening, pricing and general info.

Our brochure includes a brief history and photos of our 100 years in business.

Shipment of Non-Commercial Trees

While C & O uses the most convenient and cost effective shipping methods available, small tree orders demand proper boxing and transport which may make the shipping and costs actually 'more' than the cost of the trees. As a reminder, please consider smaller trees for these orders (7/16" or ½" caliper) to help with the shipping box and weight. If you still prefer (or we only have the larger caliper trees), know ahead of time that we have seen box and shipping costs 2 - 4 times the cost of the actual trees.