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Flamin' Fury® Peach Series

Varieties are listed in approximate order of ripening.

C&O Nursery is proud to offer this new series of peaches from the Paul Friday Peach breeding program. All peaches in these series bear large red fruit, are bacterial spot-resistant and very winter hardy.

All cultivars in this series have good flavor and shipping quality. All selections stay hard for long periods of time after reaching 60%+ red color and can be harvested in three pickings or less, as they continue to pick up color until they are 90% red.

The ripening dates of these peaches span the time period from three weeks before Redhaven to way past the Fayette season.

C&O Nursery will be carrying 16 of the FLAMIN' FURY® peaches this spring: PF 1, PF 5B, PF Early 8 Ball, PF 7, PF 8 Ball, PF 9A-007, PF Lucky 13, PF 15A, PF 17, PF 19-007, PF 23, 24-007, PF 24C, PF 27A, PF 28-007 and PF 35-007.

"F" denotes freestone; "C" clingstone; "SC" semi-clingstone

P F 1, SC. 20 days before Redhaven. Large fruit for being so early. 90% red over yellow background with excellent flavor. Very few split pits and very resistant to bacterial spot.

P F 5B, SC. Ripens 5 days after PF 1. Brilliant red color with yellow background. 90% red, good sized, beautiful fruit. Crops well and is somewhat bacterial spot resistant.

P F Early 8 Ball, SC. 15 days earlier than Redhaven. High color with good flavor. Hangs well on the tree.

P F 7, SC. Ripens 4 days after Early Redhaven. Probably fewer split pits than any other peach. A high quality, good colored peach for the early season. Bacterial spot resistant.

P F 8 Ball, F. 10 days earlier than Redhaven. High color with great texture and flavor. Hangs well on the tree.

P F 9A-007, F. Ripens the week before Redhaven. Large variety which is brilliantly colored and remains firm. Multiple pick peach. Very few split pits.
P F Lucky 13, F. Picks 1 week after Redhaven. Large, extremely firm fruit, which remains on the tree very firm. Keeps growing when you thought it should have been picked.

P F 15A, F. 10 days after Redhaven (in the Roza season). Large red fruit which is bacterial spot-resistant. Crops heavy, yet can be picked in one or two pickings. Very good flavor.

P F 17, F. 17 days after Redhaven. Large, red fruit which is bacterial spot resistant. Crops heavy, yet can be picked in one or two pickings.

P F 19-007, F. A beautiful, large (mostly 3”), highly colored firm fruit. Hardy fruit which does well despite spring frosts. Bacterial spot resistant.

P F 23, F. 25 days after Redhaven. Large, nearly 100% red peach in the Cresthaven season. Firm, nonmelting flesh. Bacterial spot has not been a problem under Michigan conditions.

P F 24-007, F. Very large with good color. 70% red over yellow. Yields very well as the fruit can be left heavy on the tree as it sizes so well.

P F 24C, F. The “C” stands for “cold hardy”. Maintains a crop even in the harshest of conditions. Large and firm. Highly colored. Bacterial spot resistant.

P F 27A, F. Very heavy cropper. Highly colored, large fruit that ships well and is bacterial spot-resistant.

P F 28-007, F. 2 days after PF 27-A. Larger and better coloring than 27-A. Good flavor and firmness. Bac spot resistant. Good flavor.

P F 35-007, F. Large peach, which is very highly colored for the late season. Hardy and crops regularly. Bac spot resistant. Good flavor.