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Listed in approximate order of ripening

C&O Nursery's Pear trees are grown on Old Home x Farmingdale rootstock. O. H. x F. rootstocks are hardy, well-anchored, and productive. They are a unique rootstock which imparts a size controlling characteristic similar to the Malling understock with apples. O. H. x F. #97 produces a tree about the same size as Bartlett root.
O. H. x F. #87 is slightly smaller. O. H.x F. shows resistance to pear decline and fire blight. Compatible with all pear varieties.

Excellent red color. An early-to-ripen, early season variety with good flavor. Ripens about 10 days before Bartlett season. Trees are productive and winter hardy, but susceptible to fire blight.

The leading commercial pear for both canning and fresh fruit sale. The fruit normally is of large size, has a smooth and attractive appearance with a golden-yellow color slightly blushed with red, sometimes dotted with russet. Its flesh is tender and juicy, buttery and of high dessert quality. Bears young and tree has a tendency for compact, upright growth which lends itself to dense plantings. Also excellent for home use.

One of the leading commercial winter pears in the Northwest. Fruit firm, juicy and with a superbly rich flavor. Best flavor when stored for one or two months. Excellent keeper. C&O select strain.

This sport of the commercially important D' Anjou is similar to its parent in shape, flesh-coloring, texture and flavor; however, the fruit's skin has a deep red surface color. It develops a brighter red after it is taken out of storage and ripens - a very appealing overall red with faint red striping.

This very smooth russet Bosc pear begins to russet the first of July, increasing to an almost solid russet by harvest time. Fruit size and shape is similar to standard Bosc.

BRONZE BEAUTY™ BOSC(Wimmers Cultivar)
In contrast to regular Beurre Bosc, this sport has a solid, heavy russet that completely encompasses the pear. When ripe, the russeting takes on a rich bronze color not typically found on other russeted pears. The fruit is medium to large size with typical Bosc shape. When properly ripened at room temperature, the flesh is yellowish-white, slightly granular, juicy and sweet. The tree is vigorous and large, exhibiting a spreading habit.
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CONCORDE® (U.S. Plant Patent 9192))
Offered under special license agreement with TRECO®. Large, uniform green fruit with striking lenticels. Fruit originated in England. Tender and juicy with very good flavor. Moderately sensitive to bruising and stores well until the end of April at -1°C.
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Excellent dessert pear with a rich, juicy, luscious flavor. Its flesh is tender, smooth and melting. Fruit is large, color clear handsome yellow, sometimes brightened by a delicate blush.